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Learn Music Production, get your tracks on top of the charts

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I’m here to help you get your first track signed to a Record Label. This beginners Music Production Course will teach you exactly how to master the most important tools in music. Start today with the free trial and you can Pause or Cancel at anytime! (Even if you just want the first free week, that’s fine with us!)

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Each lesson comes with multiple videos along with companion written articles to dive deeper into the details.

Hands-on Exercises

You will get real hands-on exercises with every lesson, Including free audio files to use in each exercise!

In the studio

Personalized Help

Get real feedback and help whenever you need it. Each course also has it’s own private forum where you can connect and discuss music production with other students!

Master the Most Important Tools in Just 6 Weeks

Learn the most essential music production tools inside out. Become a master with EQ, Compression, Expansion/Limiting, Saturation/Distortion, Delay, and Reverb. After just 6 weeks with this course you will know exactly how to use each of them and how to avoid some of the mistakes that can take other producers years to overcome.

All Features

  • Learn the skills, and the theory behind them so you can truly master the techniques of music production
  • Video Lessons AND Written Articles so you can learn however you like
  • Hands-on Exercises with every lesson
  • Personal feedback to help you improve faster than any other course
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface with a complete learning dashboard within each course
  • Course specific forums so you can discuss lessons and network with other students
  • Take a final test at the end of the course to make sure you have all the knowledge you need
  • Course certificates and course points allow you to track your progress and journey
  • A weekly structured course that guides you through the optimal progression path so that there are no gaps left in your production skills
  • The Flexibility to pause your plan at any time and complete it on your own schedule

All you need is a computer

This course is designed so that you can use any hardware and software. The skills and techniques used in this course will teach you to produce music on ANY music production hardware and software, including the many free music production programs you can find online. If you’re already using a program such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic, Cubase, or the many other great options out there then that’s even better. This course will help you to master the universal tools inside all of those DAWs so you can get the ideas from inside your head coming out of the speakers.

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Become The Next Big Music Producer. Get Started Today.

Plans & Pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel before my first payment?

Yes you can! Try the first week to see if you like the course, and if not you can cancel before the second week and you won’t be charged anything at all!

What if I can't commit to 6 weeks?

No problem, you can pause your plan at any time!

What happens when I finish?

After you get your certificate of completion and your first 150 points for finishing the course, if you’re ready to take the next step you can continue with the Level 2 Music Production Course.

What are Course Points and how many will I get?

Course points allow you to get discounts on courses and also access special courses for free that are only available once you reach a certain number of points! You will receive 150 Course Points after finishing this course.

Are there any tests?

Yes there is one final test at the end of this course. Don’t worry though, you can retry the test an unlimited number of times and if you are struggling you can get 1-on-1 private feedback and support!

What if I need more help with the course?

No problem! You will have access to private help and feedback at any time, along with a private course forum where you can discuss the lessons with other students.

Are the private course forums only for discussing lessons?

Along with discussing the lessons, there will also be a section called “The Lounge” where you can network, discuss other music topics, get feedback on your tracks or even set up collaborations with other students!

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